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Christopherson Silvers

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Post  DDWRINKLE Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:36 pm

Name: Christopherson Silvers

Nickname: Chris

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 5'11"/ 135 lbs

Physical Appearance: Chris has shaggy dark brown hair, grayish eyes, hes a typical skinny kid, although stronger than he looks he still not that tough, he wears a pair of baggy cargo shorts, a gray stripped v-neck, an old beat up pair of red converse, and a silver locket around his neck.

Powers: Chris can change the density of his atomic structure at will. He can make his body as light or as dense as a puddle of water or as heavy or hard as a mountain without losing his senses like hearing and sight. He hasn't really found his threshold of force he can withstand before his atoms just start breaking up but he might soon find out.

Special Traits: Chris is an excellent swimmer one of the best in his class, he is really friendly to people who don't give him reasons not to be, he's also great with animals for some unusual reason.

Flaws: Chris will do anything to help anyone in need even if it endangers him and everyone around him, he doesn't have allot of common sense all the time, and he doesn't have that great of eyesight without his contacts in.

Weapon: Chris usually just uses his own body as a weapon but that doesn't stop him from using the world around him as a weapon.

Alignment: Chris tends to like to do good deeds with good intentions but he can be persuaded by a well argued point.

Background: Chris' mom died when he was 5, and was raised by his father ever since. He wasn't a loser or a cool kid in school he just shuffled by in the background with his great swimming ability and witty remarks. Until one day one of his high school bullies cornered him in an alleyway behind his local movie theater. After taking a big beating from this kid he passed out. Later on that night he awoke to sounds of car alarms and sirens. When he finally came to his senses he willed himself to sit up. His entire body ached and he realized that he broke his left knuckle. He grimaced in pain as he clenched his fist. He shot to his feet and slowly walked towards his house which was almost two blocks away. As he neared his house he saw the smoke coming from its direction. He ran around the next corner to see the front of his house had a huge smoke hole through it. People gathered around the house in awe at the damage. Chris hearing the sirens drawing near forgot all danger and ran straight trough the front door to the right of the hole. He coughed immediately as he entered the smokey hallway. Chris called his dads name but there was no response. He walked into the living room and that's where he found his father buried up to his chest in debris and what appeared to be rocks? Chris became overcome with emotion and threw himself onto the floor trying to ply the mess off of him. With his broken wrist he couldn't get a good grip. He pounded on the floor in frustration. All of a sudden his fathers hand gripped his arm and pulled him toward his mouth. All that came out of his cracked lips was "go in the bedroom and grab your mothers silver locket, I love you, and stay safe". His grip slackened while Chris' only got tighter as he tried to control the grief. After what seemed like forever Chris got up and walked slowly to the bedroom. He picked up the locket sitting on his fathers nightstand. He looked at his parents bed with stoic eyes when suddenly he realized something was different. What looked like a huge flaming boulder was there in their destroyed bed's wake. He took a step closer and suddenly felt colder. Curiosity took over his common sense and he walked slowly ever closer to the cold burning rock in his home. He was in arms reach when he saw an small crevice in the rock. He looked inside and saw a shimmering liquid much like melted silver or maybe even quicksilver. He started to stick his arm in when the shimmering liquid jumped and attached itself to his skin. Chris screamed and jump back but the liquid held on and came out with his arm. He ran through the doorway into his bathroom and turned on the faucet trying to wash off the liquid but it just kept climbing. Every inch it got closer to his face the colder he got. Suddenly it started to creep into his mouth and down his throat. He was being choked and couldn't breathe, he was gasping for air as the room started spinning. He fell into the shower and looked at his hands for what he thought would be the last time. He saw his hands become gelatinous being covered in the silver goo. Then he passed out from lack of air. When he pried himself from unconsciousness he felt like he was floating like he was everywhere at once but without a stable body. He soon became extremely frightened and jerked himself fully awake. He rose out of the water and watched as his torso, arms and legs became solid right underneath him. He looked around and realized he was waist deep in water right outside of the water purification plant three blocks from his house. That was two years ago. . . . . . . .

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Post  FourStringFingerSting Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:45 pm

Great character! Very unique! Christopherson Silvers is accepted!

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Post  Xenomorph13 Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:37 pm

Sweet character! Great story line and everything! Sweet power too. Very unique I'd say.

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