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Drake Everest

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Drake Everest Empty Drake Everest

Post  FourStringFingerSting Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:03 pm

- Name: Drake Everest

- Nickname: "That Guy That Plays Bass..."

- Age: 19

- Gender: Male

- Height/Weight: 5'10" 140 lbs. Average build. Nerd muscle from playing bass.

- Physical Appearance: Shaggy, brown hair that constantly gets in Drake's eyes, unless it's tied into a small tail in the back, which it usually is. His brown eyes are normally concealed by his trademark tea-shade sunglasses. His normal attire consists of a black tee with a big star smack dab in the middle of it, faded blue jeans with black material patched around the knees like bands, two black and white plaid bands on both of his wrists, and a worn pair of black high-top converse sneakers on his feet. Fabulous.

- Power: Sound Manipulation (using his signature bass guitar, Ivan, Drake can manipulate the vibrations from his bass guitar and manifest them into a formidable physical force. Not to mention he likes to play in Drop D. "D" for "death," that is!)

- Special Traits: Being a musician, Drake has to have a keen ear, and that he does. He can pick up on the slightest sounds, whether it's a goofed up riff, or the sound of a flesh-eating ghoul around the corner. Drake also has a high threshold of endurance, from the numerous amounts of musical equipment he's carted around in his young years. It takes a lot to slow this guy down. Finally, Drake is also somewhat of a modern day MacGuyver. From various musical experiments he's done over the years (at the expense of numerous guitars and other musical devices), Drake is an engineering wiz, and can make various useful tools with common household items with little effort, and always come out with the desired effect.

- Flaws: Drake is terribly indecisive, and has an issue with figuring out what to do when the path isn't always clear. He's also very attached to his belongings, and will stop at nothing to retrieve them if they turn up missing. Additionally, Drake is somewhat of a hermit, and sometimes finds it difficult to interact with other people at a certain level. He's closed in about a lot of personal topics, and isn't one to share.

- Weapon: Bass guitar, Ivan. Customized and reinforced to withstand insane abuse.

- Alignment: Good. Drake, although ultimately looks out for himself, feels the need to help others if they are in need, and follows a strict code of morals.

- Background:
Ever since Drake was strong enough to lift a bass guitar on his own, he's been gifted with musical prowess. Music had always been a constant in his life, growing up to the sounds of James Brown and Ray Charles. Over the years his musical taste grew and evolved, learning to appreciate numerous types of music, from blues, to punk, to indie, and even rap. For years he toiled over various musical instruments: acoustic guitar, keyboard, cello, drums, lap steel...Hell, even washboards. However, for Drake, it always came back to bass. Never has an instrument hit home more than Drake's bass guitar, Ivan. It just feels right in his hands. As far as his powers go, Drake honestly can't figure out how he got them, or why, but he doesn't like to make a scene of it. He literally just woke up one day, and accidentally blew the roof off of his house during a warm up jam. Thank heavens for home-owners insurance. Personality wise, Drake is a pretty stand up guy, despite being a bit of a hermit, and having an intense hatred for hipsters, but is overall a good samaritan, and a worthwhile individual.

Picture(s): An older pic I drew of Drake early last year. A little rough, but you get the idea. Disregard the six-string electric back there.

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