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Treck Mecker ("Mech")

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Treck Mecker ("Mech") Empty Treck Mecker ("Mech")

Post  Gorudu Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:15 am

- Name: Treck Mecker

- Nickname: "Mech"

- Age: 43

- Gender: Male

- Height/Weight: 6' 4"

- Physical Appearance: "Mech" is a beast. He is extremely in shape, has dense muscle mass. His hair is medium length and black. He is white with blue eyes, and has no tattoos, but is covered in grease half the time with black stains up and down his arms.

- Power: The entire left half of his body from his shoulder down was transformed into a organic-mechanical hybrid. His mechanical half is incredibly strong, and he can mod his left half with his former mechanical knowledge to fit certain needs.

- Special Traits: He is an excellent mechanic, and can work with any physics situation. His calculation is
precise, and he is a good problem solver. He's also very good with directions.

- Flaws: Since he is right handed, his left handed mechanical stuff doesn't operate to it's maximum ability. In his older age, he has developed a weak knee, which happens to be his right knee. And since he is older, his endurance is not the greatest. His right ear is also bad because of years of shooting guns and working in a machine shop.

- Weapon: His mechanical half, which he can change to do whatever he needs, whether electrocute, or shoot projectiles, or shoot fire. However, he must prepare ahead of time, so if he chooses not to take a weapon, he is left "unarmed".

- Alignment: Mech is a blue collared worker, so is morals usually lean for the good. However, he is human, and will fight for his own survival if he needs to. He left a family at home, and wants to live to see them again.

- Background: Treck was a blue collared mechanic from Ohio, living a fairly successful life with his own business. He had a wife and two kids who he left behind, and being a huge family man, he is trying to see them again. He worked primarily on heavy equipment, and it was while he was under an excavator that he was mysteriously warped into the neo-nowhere universe. Somehow, during the warping process, his body was organically fused with the machine he was working on. Now he's trying to fine his way back home.

[img]Treck Mecker ("Mech") TreckMecker[/img]

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Treck Mecker ("Mech") Empty Re: Treck Mecker ("Mech")

Post  FourStringFingerSting Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:20 am

Great character Troy! The right-handedness bit was hilarious! Treck "Mech" is accepted!

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Treck Mecker ("Mech") Empty Re: Treck Mecker ("Mech")

Post  Xenomorph13 Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:07 pm

Excited to see what happens with this character!

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Treck Mecker ("Mech") Empty Re: Treck Mecker ("Mech")

Post  DDWRINKLE Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:44 am

Hmmmmmm I LIKE IT! Although I was hoping for another chaotic neutral character Razz but this. . . . . . . This is very good. Excited to see what comes outta this guy.

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Treck Mecker ("Mech") Empty Re: Treck Mecker ("Mech")

Post  GravePunchingBabyStomper Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:22 pm

Great character and great drawing.
Will be a nice edition to Neo-Nowhere, being that everyone else is probably mechanically-challenged.
The big, brute type? Well, that's a necessity. =]
Good to have you.~

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Treck Mecker ("Mech") Empty Re: Treck Mecker ("Mech")

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